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Made from sintered bauxite, C-FLO consistently outperforms traditional sand and resin proppants.

The result is a high strength product, uniform in both size and sphericity. Compared to similar proppants on the market,
C-FLO maintains higher than average levels of conductivity and permeability*, contributing to an improved fracturing process, increased production and maximizing recovery.

*Conductivity and permeability comparisons prepared by Stim-Lab, Inc. 01/2013. Contact us for more details.


  •  Features

    Available in 3 mesh sizes 20/40 • 30/50 • 40/70, C-FLO combines high strength with a low acid solubility, allowing it to actively perform for the entirety of the fracturing operation.

  •  Benefits

    Performs with superior strength to allow for use in deep wells and in high temperature environments. Its controlled roundness and sphericity, and a high resistance to crushing enhances conductivity while minimizing damage to equipment. C-FLO improves production rates and overall hydrocarbon recovery and provides an economical alternative to traditional sand and resin proppants.

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